Long Hair Is the Best

I always loved men with long hair, I guess I just don't see myself with someone with short hair or someone who has no ability to grow it.  On girls it looks more ordinary so there I need to see some super long hair lol. I wish my hair would grow longer, but it stopped growing a while ago, (it's goes to the middle of my back). I really don't understand why the majority of guys prefer to have short hair, (even more stupid if it's because they think it will make them look gay or something, gays ussualy have short hair and all the masculine heroes have long). It fits everybody, I've only maybe saw a few that better off with short and it's rare, and short hair make a lot of men look like pigs or something. I mean it's natural, it fits the face, without it it's like...I donno, imagine a shaved cat, loosing the cuteness, but a cat is a cat with fur, it completes it because fur it's a part of a cat just like hair completes people.

Elvinion Elvinion
22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I agree with everything you say. Long hair is the best! Mine has been bum length for many years now. I'm lucky.

I think it's really nice and you lucky to have such a son. That's my opinion at least. Also when I will children I will hopefully keep their hair long, no matter will it be a girl or a boy.

I finaly have long hair, well maybe not as long as yours, but it's taken me a year to get here. I think it looks great, but everybody gives me crap about it. I guess it's cuz I live in the middle of the desert. It's not ratty or split, or greesy. Just naturaly long. I don't get the problem. It shouldn't bother me, but sometimes it does. I'm really glad someone out there thinks guys look good with long hair.

i love guys with longer hair. i prefer earlobe to chin length though. nothing longer than that, but also nothing shorter. and i also love extremely long hair on girls too. and i feel your pain. for some reason my hairs stopped growing too : [