I love long hair too. That's probably why my mine's so long. Unfortunately it also has a mind of it's own so it's usually a pain to take care of. But I love it anyway. :)
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I enjoy seeing long hair just as you say "let go" to have a mind of its own. I enjoy Halloween too.

My hair is about 7 inches below base of neck.How do you stop bad tangles?Is there a recommended shampoo?

How long is "long"?

No bangs?

In case you have not guessed, I love long hair on a woman. 😀. What else do you enjoy?

Well, now you know how and why I love very long hair on a woman. Yes, I would enjoy it if we both "got lost" in her long hair. You remind me a bit of a friend I had in college. Yes, I agree we would have a lot in common.

Yes, I should have said get lost in your hair. I must be dreaming, don't wake me yet. 😉

How do you prefer to wear your hair?

I love the thought and agree with your thoughts on down and loose, sorts letting it go where it wants to. I think it looks better then too.

I had a friend long ago that had hair to her butt and wore it that way but she also liked to watch people when they didn't know she was and often wor hers all about her head. If she saw something she wanted a more clear view of, she would move it aside a little then just let it fall back over her face again. I asked her how well she could see with it all about her head and over her face and she said fairly good. On more than one occasion when seated she would drape it over me to give me an idea and I was surprised at the result. I commented on the pleasant sensual feeling it created when over my face too and she said that she loved that feeling and it was a good part of the reason why she wore it that way.

Have you ever done that? I met case she also had very thick hair. It may sound a bit odd to you but it did feel nice to me when she did that to me.

Tag, you're it

Just so you know, I am a pretty level headed guy with a wide variety of interests and am open and honest.

Interests vary widely from photography, camping, fishing, computers, holidays (including Halloween), and more.

How about you?

Nah...... I am more up front than a stalker would be. 😉

She also had a unique way of drying it so it would not badly tangle so in case you might be interested, please let me know and I will describe it to you.

This may sound a bit strange so please bear with me. She was very particular about her treatment of her extra long hair. The biggest problem was drying it naturally which could take nearly a weekend at times.

She would towel dry it as best she could. Then she would lean over and brush it upward so all of it was off the top of her head. The she would take a nylon stocking or a leg from a pair of pantyhose, slipping it up her arm. When her hand was at the toe, she would grab the end of all her hair, working the stocking down her arm and up over. When she was finished with that part her hair was spread out in the stocking. Then she pulled the stocking down continuing over her head. When it was about the bottom of her neck, she would then stand up. Now all oh her hair was encased in the stocking and she took part of it at her neck, tying it gently so it could not slip from her head while sleeping. If her hair was not dry the next morning, she left it on her head, loosening the knot to raise it above her mouth to eat some breakfast and then retied it. She said she could easily see through the fabric to do things including breathe and drink through the nylon stocking. She told me that her hair was normally dry by Sunday morning. If it was not, she would go grocery shopping that way. She got looked at but that was all. She told me that if she were asked about it, she would give the asker a wisecrack like she was making a new fashion statement. LOL. Using a large size would be helpful for comfort for it would be large enough not to distort.

My own hair is not long enough to warrant that dryer, but I did try it and it was not uncomfortable sleeping. Actually the clingy material did feel a bit nice and I got the largest size I could and in a low Lycra percentage.

What are your thoughts?

I see that among other things you enjoy Halloween. Perhaps the "dryer" could be a Halloween mask too. 😉

What did you think about the "pantyhose" hair dryer?

Mine is very fine, thin in spots and about shoulder length, so not really long enough to use that, did try it and with mainly nylon and large size did work and was not uncomfortable.

Ohhhhh. I see your sense of humor is similar to my own in some ways. LOL

Lol, what would happen if you washed and dried your hair using the nylon drier, then kept it that way for a weekend using an excuse of trying something you heard about. Especially if others such as friends of his were coming over. Would that embarrass him or?

What is your favorite Halloween costume? Mask?

Love you thinking.

I have also done some ummmm crazy things for Halloween. The last of significance was a private party of a group that I belonged to at that time. I went as a "sexy ****" and had a blast. Won 2nd prize. lol

I've had an idea for a couple costume sometime that is probably a bit far out but could be fun. Dunno

Well on that Halloween party, one of the female members helped me so some shopping. she said that if you are going to do this, you need to do it right, meaning from the skin out. We got a sexy pair of black panties and a black "Merry Widow" I think it was called. I had some upholstery foam rubber and with the help of an electric carving knife made the filler for the bra. Got a black nylon Cani and half slip. Got a dress from Fredericks on sale. It was cotton and Lycra, long sleeved, turtle neck, cut out shoulders. I got some jet black lace hose and added jet black sheer on top of that. 3" black pumps for shoes. Used a black sheer clingy stocking mask, tucked in the turtleneck and a brunette shoulder length wig. I propositioned a few of the guys but none of them had enough money. lol. Several of the women told me they wished they had legs like mine. One of the women told me she wished we could click for she could see me as her best "male/female" friend. lol. I was surprised at how warm some of that sheer silky stuff you ladies wear really was. Won 2nd prize with that and had fun.

What do you think of it?

I completely agree with the "wild and crazy", interpreting that as it goes where it wants to

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A pain is an understatement but a lot of styling potential and fun.

No expensive care products here either but rollers almost every night and when a lazy day comes along I think my pigtails are cute.

How long is yours?

Past shoulders, 10" braid donated to cancer.

Sadly the most that is donated gets trashed from what I have been told so you are ahead by keeping it on your head to get longer. 😉


I am one who loves extra long hair such as yours

My favorite style is no bangs, let it hang naturally and go where it wants to. I'm sure that can at times be a pain to the owner when it tends to fall all about your head, but one of the most romantic scenes I have ever seen took place in San Francisco under conditions like that.

Did send to you

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Natural broom? ;)

the broom below your waist?!!!!!!! no no i am not talking about your puubbiic hair lol... the broom that you sweep with is what i am talking about ;)