At the End of the Day....

I love extremely hot baths filled with products from a British chain of bath products called Lush

I love the bathbombs and bath crumbles as they lather and fizz under the tap, the bright colours and deep, beautiful scents of the oils that escape from them and lather up the water.

I love lying back and having candles surround my bath with gentle music playing.  I love to sit and just relax.  Particularly when the rain is beating on the window outside with a cold storm or when I have had one of those ache filled days.

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5 Responses Jul 11, 2008

I love Lush products!

You can't beat a warm bath with candles can you? Lush is great, the modern equivalent of Cleopatra's milk bath. I love that heart shaped one with the rose buds in it, and the butter ball. The natural face packs are awesome too. I have to limit myself because I end up spending a fortune and then I end up poor and miserable. ;o(

Practice makes perfect. In a lifetime of reading in the tub, I've only gotten one book wet.

I must agree. I take showers only when no bath is available, or when in very great haste. For me, baths are precious reading time.

sounds great. they are indeed relaxing. i like them better than showers by far, but haven't had one in many years. can't wait for my next bath after so long, it is going to rock so hard.