I Have Very Long Nipples...about An Inch Long...the Size Of 3 Pencil Erasers On A No. 2 Pencil In Length

The men I have been with are amazed at how long and hard my nipples get when played with. I like them played with, licked, bit, squeezed, twisted and sucked hard. I have even had partners use clothes pins and sharp clips on them while we made love! The pain and throbbing makes my O even better. :O
jillian1101 jillian1101
22-25, F
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im a large nipple lover ,would l ove 2 see your nipples

I love that

When biting a woman's nipples, how hard is too hard to bit, and how does the guy know when he has reached that point?

You lucky woman

Jillian, your nipples sound absolutely wonderful!

The real question is have you had your nipples properly "suckled." Not sucked... but suckled for hours every day. That was a big part of my relationship with my X.<br />
I dont know where you reside... but if you have any interest in knowing someone normal, a good boy... but a total bad boy who is a master suckler, and nipple arouser. let me know :)<br />

I just love huge errect nipples

My wife has very long nipples. You can see them even when she wears a bra. I love to trade pics on Yahoo IM just add me : aztecsdad

I love seeing my *** drip from hard suckable nipples....then sharing the clean up... nothing hotter than seeing a woman suck her own breasts...especially when I can have one at the same time

Yes, I have absolutely rubbed a **** head on my nipples and been ****** between my breasts many times! Very hot indeed for me!

I love long and hard nipples - such a turn on for me! Have you ever rubbed a man's **** head on your nipples?

I wish I were there too with you ThomasWM!! xox

Nice comment Rick! I wish I were on the boat to witness that erection! Nothing harder than seeing a man in public with a rock hard **** behind clothing....longing to take him home and suck it dry all night long! xo