Collared And Pierced

My crazy husband wants me to get 3/8 inch diameter collars put over my nipples with a barbell stud at the end of the collar to keep my nipples protruding. Got a little vacation time in January and seriously considering it. Anybody done it? I guess the collars could always be removed, and I'd just leave the barbells if it doesn't work out. Whaddya think?
PrincessCleo PrincessCleo
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Sounds painful

Go for it

If it works and doesn't freeze your nipples, then I'm all for it. A metal collar with a metal barbell is likely to cause cold damage in winter. If it doesn't hurt then go for it. I just wear a 3/8 inch diameter barbell in mine. My nipples stick out plenty.

What has been the result? Did you go through with it!
I am sure that the look would be awesome under any top!

I just got an ampallang - 6 weeks ago. Once you Google it you will know that it is one of the most intense piercings a man can get. A woman’s nipples have the same spongy tissue as the head of the penis - lots of nerves and lots of blood vessels. It is best to do the piercing at the ba<x>se of the nipple close to the areola. Check out the photos in the gallery section on painful pleasures website will give you some ideas. <br />

Not for me! I like my nipples in his mouth way too much for that! I'd have to do something temporary.

We use collars only. No piercing. On occasion they will fall off but my woman has very addequate nipples to keep them on most of the time.

My nipples wouldn't be able to hold them on their own.....have to use the stud to keep them from sliding off.

Iam so sorry for your accident. I hope nothing permanent! When do you think you will be back to 100%?

Hope to be back to normal in a month or so, but missed my vacation window to get it done. Just don't feel like dealing with the hassle of my nipples healing when I have to take my blouse off almost every day for therapy. I'm sure there would be questions......

Is that not purpose, to be admired, to be questioned and looked at in awe, with that body jewelry? I do find it erotic if the right type is placed on the woman. I do hope you will follow thru when you feel you have the chance. I am sure it would turn on your husband.

Well Princess have you complied with your husband's wishes and gotten pierced yet? delayed. Hurt my shoulder and have to spend a lot of time at physical therpy half naked. Gonna have to put it off for awhile.

i guess try it with the nipples to see if you like it - if you don't, it's easy enough to remove them?

That's just the beginning of what he wants. If I go through with it, my *****'s gonna look like a prison cell. Ouch!