My Thick Long Nipples Are Errect, like two small *****.

I have been told my long thick erect nipples are like two small *****. They stand at attention in a thin sundress.  Many men smiled as I walked by. My bare breasts bounce and my nipples are rubbing on my dress, making my nipples more erect. No imagination needed, my long nipples stand erect and longing to be milked.

  I stopped to get some coffee and rested. the same, Two men asked if they could share the park bench.  introduced themselves as; Jack and James' brothers, who just moved here from Seattle; along with their dog They We started talking about his cute little dog,Runt, a mixed dog with a wirey coat. I reached over to pet the dog. They were able to get a good view of me.

James made a comment of how perfect my long nipples were. I smiled as the wind blew against me.  It opened the door to conversation. I invited them to play with them. One brother on each side snuggled closer. One brother on each ***. Work and playing with me.amazed how long my nipples stood so erect long and hard. They each started to suckle me. I leaned back and enjoyed a double milking and fingering. Yes an afternoon delight. . My ***** started to drip as they drank my milky ****.  They would have never known that my **** shoot milk when I ***, cause I was getting double milked by them. I enjoying every minite. dripping there.
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i bet those taste good too

Holy ****! My **** is so hard after reading this! Please add me! GOD DAMN I want to suckle you baby!

Picture please!!!

wow.. I am so hard...

ve to see those long nipples pls add me

Oh, I'm way too greedy to share with someone! lol

Yummy treat.

I've always wanted to suck on some big thick nipples especially milking them. gets long and hard imagining how yours look like. add me

Imagine riping open my top. Watching my heavy **** bounce out. Touching m nipples makes them grow hard.

ah the feeling of being sucked by two ...sensational let down ...loved the picture you created

Suckled by two.

Really want to see these big nipples - they sound delicious (please add)



Would love to experience your **** shooting milk !!! Sooooo hot !!!!

it is fun

its wonderful as I ***, my **** start to spray milk everywhere.

Yummmmmm !!! To have my fingers covered in your ***** juice AND your milk spraying over me !!! HEAVEN !!!!!

If, I am turned on, I will spray *** milk as I *** all over. Keep me stimulated and I will *** 30+ times in a nite

Oh my dream girl !!! Why aren't you near me ?!?!?!!!!

Would LOVE that!!


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Thanks for the add :-*

Would love to see them! Should put a pic up!

i got a real mouthful to drink

Would love to be doing that to you!! ;)

Hmmmmm need pictures

nice pic you created ...long nips in thin shirt.

Many men smile at them standing erect.

Mmmmm :) Would love to see them !


Wow Sounds Great

Yes, they r nippy tonite.

Mmmmm, such a turn-on! I'd love to milk your long, thick nipples with my fingers and my lips......

Oh yes and I get to reach-in and make them stiff.

Oh, most definitely! Nothing turns me on like watching a woman work her own nipples over......