Love It More!

When its with the right guy I absolutely love this type of kissing. Its communicating on a whole different level. Expressing affection for one another nonverbally. I've gotten my share of practice at this but the one thing that I just can't resist is the tip of the tongue. If a guy kisses me like this the right way, it makes my body tingle all over and I just MELT! Only a few guys can do that to me and when it happens I love it! I immediately think he's the one! Kissing is a beautiful thing and this type of kissing ususally leads to more beautiful things. Next thing you know you'll be naked. lol
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I'm in a relationship with a girl. We dated for many months, enjoying each other in many ways, but it wasn't till months into our intimacy that I realized she didn't know how to kiss. One evening after dinner, at a Mexican restaurant, I decided to teach her how to French kiss. We were sitting side by side in a booth having dessert. I took her face in my hands, and began to kiss her tenderly until she got opened he mouth ever so slighly. I circled her lips with my tongue and finally, ever so gently entered her mouth and found her tongue. I'm pleased to say she has been an excellent kisser since then. French kissing has deeped our feeling for each other and increased our paqssion manyfold.

also known as - the "soul kiss"......funny thing is, the French call it "the English kiss"

Definitely.. French kissing is the best!

I so agree with daddy--