Adore Sensual Kissing

I love long sensual French kissing.
Starting with small kisses on the lips until our lips lock together.
I hold you in a tight embrace. One hand behind your back stroking your hair, the other around your waist and stroking your bottom.
The first probe and light flick of our tongues just teasing each other with small flicks.
My eyes are normally closed as I savour the precious moment.
Probing further into your mouth licking all around your tongue, around your gums and the roof of your mouth until you push back this the same gesture.
Swaping saliva from Tongue to Tongue while they dance with each other.
Coming up for air and starting the process again with little pecks on the lips before diving back into each others embrace and locking mouths together again.
I adore kissing you like this.
charlie1960 charlie1960
51-55, M
3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

And I would probably still love it.... ahhhh, female sensuality......

Congrats on the wedding Sara. I would still kiss you like this.

Oh, honey, this sounds so PERFECT! This is just how I love to kiss too.....