French Kissing...

Kissing is two souls revealing their secrets... it is about reaching for that one who pleasures you.... it is expressing desire for someone and having that desire reciprocated... Long, Deep, Sensual kisses can tell a story of passion, of lust, and excitement.... When two tongues intertwine together it is like a key unlocking ones sensual side... and the longer it lasts the further that door opens, and once that door is open, it is almost impossible to close again until that desire has been fulfilled. French Kisses are SO Yummy!!
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I love being sensual, sexy, and so sexual when French kissing my lovers. There is nothing better and just love it so much as does my partners.

You're my passion..xoxo

I love french kissing, both sets of lips for as long as you want.

Mmm, agree, and a little tongue sucking is nice too!

I love the way you express with feeling the joys of kissing, it is the original oral sex and often sadly neglected in a race for more intimate parts. Thanks for raising my juices.

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I've always wanted to express what a French Kiss was to me but never knew how. Thank you for expressing this for me, to a T. Awesome and well done.

Very well put !! Completely true, thanks for writing it !!

Thank you for such a vivid desc<x>ription of kissing in general. The french kiss when I begin to let him know the kind of lover I am and I get to know the kind of lover he is. Men have called me standoffish and prudish because I don't kiss every man that take me out. I am choosy about the men I let touch my soul. Taking time to understand each other before the first kiss makes kissing all the more intimate and revealing.

I love French Kissing also!I have a long tongue also! It is so long I can touch my nose! I live in CT! Where do you live?

Beautifully written.

Very well put...kisses to you<br />
<br />

I Love to kiss passionately, want so badly to share this with my wife, but it has been so long since I have had a woman's tongue in my mouth....

Actually what I love is that moment before you first kiss but when you know you are dong to kiss. I make that period last a long time because the intense feeling you get when looking into your partner's eyes is so intense. No exactly arousal, but better. That's my favorite part. And when our lips first just touch. Yum...

Very much agree with you! My first and very long deep french kissing with someone who made me feel like a natural woman!

The best is french kissing and rolling around the ole couch like High Schoolers. Completely dressed, behaving hands, but otherwise slow dry humping. Take hunger to its maximum,,,,

Sweet Twisty Kisses for you cubs!!

Oh Bare... what a sweetie you are ...Kisses

This makes my heart sing :)

It is so true.... your sharing your soul sweets.

Yes, Yes, Yes....there is Nothing more sensual and more telling about a person than by the way they kiss! besides lookin deep into their eyes.

She has both a beautiful sole and beautiful soles!

Kissing especialy frinch kiss are the messanger of love. I like your words it is show your soul.

Lovingboy... your words are beautiful.. so poetic... thank you.

Very true.... It all begins with Kissing...... I luv lip-lock more than anything...<br />
<br />
It leads to the depth of lust spraying immortal essence of Luv at last.....<br />
<br />
Got it dear ???

Fanny: You are so right.... Thanks for the comment :)

searchingmysoul do you remember your frist french kiss &amp; who it was ??lol &amp; where u was at ??

You have expressed the essence of kissing. To much focus is placed on what comes nest when the act of kissing is such a beautiful experience to share.

Wow, that's another amazing desc<x>ription of one of my favorite activities. You really should write erotica. French kissing is an absolute must for me. Without it, sex means far less. French kissing very well might be the ultimate act of intimacy. Though my sex drive is very high, on some nights I can French kiss for hours, not go any further, and still be satisfied. It's been almost 10 years since I had a lover who felt that way. It's something I hope that both you and I find again soon.