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Who Wouldnt Like To French Kiss!

I have been married twice and both my wives loved to deep french kiss for a long time even before we were married both women are exact opposites until it came to french kissing. My best experience was with a divorced mother of 2 that was a very conservative looking acting school teacher I dated between marriages. We started kissing one night and I didnt think she was going to stop she could hardly let me catch my breath she frenched kissed almost laying on top of me like she was trying to squeeze into my mouth. Her tongue was so active it was like she was flossing my teeth with it when I left that night my lips were sore to almost numb.
1stexhub 1stexhub 51-55, M 2 Responses Jan 24, 2012

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I had a simular experience with girl during an over night sex session. As soon as we were in bed, she grabbed my head to pull my mouth down to hers, and she would not let go. We started missionary and when she rolled on top of me, her mouth was still locked to mine. Her tongue was so active in my mouth that I thought she was going to knock my tonsils out. Her body was just as agile as her tongue. She would bounce up and down on me and kiss me at the same time, and I didn't think she was ever going to stop. The next day my tongue was extremely sore and stiff and my mouth had a red rash around it for a week.

ha..ha.. I remember at a frat party kissing this guy for hours. Well, his stubble left me raw and my classmates the next day kept teasing me. I was trying so hard to deny it and claiim that I had some sort of skin disorder but the reality was I had gone missing with this guy and then show up with a skin disorder all around my chin. They just didn't buy it!!!!

Its pretty impressive that you kissed that guy for hours. Do you usually kiss guys for that

Actually, yes i did enjoy it. We made out practically all night. But it was also interrupted by moments of hand holding, star gazing and mutterings of sweet nothings here and there. It was actually quite sweet and romantic.

It sounds you had a perfect evening and night.
What came of it?