Once Or Not So Many Times

People remember their very first kiss. 

Especially women do.  Men generally only remember the first girl they slept with.

As usual, the women are right because the very first kiss, if it is well delivered, often is a lot better than the love making that follows (or not).

To kiss, in the style called french, is an art. 

Some lovers succeed in giving (and receiving) it in the proper way: an endless intertwining play of tongues, a passionate thirst for each others open lips, a juicy affair...

Sometimes they succeed only once in a lifetime because they only know one moment of burning passion.  Passion is the teacher of the kiss called french.

Thereafter they remember it with nostalgia and no intercourse will ever erase that marvellous memory.

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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

A juicy affair...Love that description