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I like to wear long socks because girls always wear long socks to make them look sexy.. Im the type that doesnt even wear shorts in the Summer time because i dont like how i look.. So when i wear those socks they are covered up by my pants.. But that is okay.. because i wear them for me.. To make ME feel better about myself.. not for everyone else to enjoy and judge me by.. So i wear them and no one even knows and every day there is one thing that makes me feel pretty...
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Thats hot

I think socks are just a way to show your creativity :) Their a way to make your legs look sexy and cute in a stylish fashion. When i judge people by their socks, i judge people who wear ankle socks, cuz that just means they are afraid to show them haha.

That is something i never thought of.

Any chance I could get an add? :)

Why do you think people would judge you by the socks you wear? What kind are you wearing that would make you worry?

It's easy to judge by socks.. Like if you have those really dirty messed up socks people think that your homeless or something.. And when you wear those really colorful socks people think that your a scene kid.. and if you wear long socks like i do they assume you're a *****.. But i disagree with all of them.. But they are things people use to judge..

Oh wow, ok. I was just curious because I've always had a thing seeing girls with certain types of socks on. I subconsciously always notice what kind of shoes or socks girls have on. I guess now that you say it, I can kind of judge them though, I never really thought about that. Like I can usually tell if a girl wears the kind I like or not.

I don't have like some weird thing though, I just like the look of certain kinds and only clean ones.

Haha.. I hate having holes in my socks..

Yea that's not good haha. Why do you think you'd be viewed as a ***** with these long socks? Don't worry, I promise Im not going to anywhere crazy with these questions. Im honestly intrigued by your opinion on this. You have made me think about some aspects of this whole secret attraction of mine that I never did before.

Well it may just be me but when i see Those kinds of socks i always see them on a schoolgirl or something like that.. And then those girls always.. well... You know.. and i don't know if it's just my mind being set on that because any time i see that is when someone does something sexual when in reality it means nothing.. Its because i haven't seen it being normal in my world yet..

What about slouch socks? Like the ones that the Hooters waitresses wear? What do you think they say about a girl, even if she is like you and doesn't necessarily wear them for anyone else to see?

What do you mean by being normal? I mean dont get me wrong, I've always had this thing so its hard for me to just think of socks as socks haha. I've liked certain kinds since I was little, as far back as I remember as a matter of fact.

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I bet your a really pretty person!

Thank you..

Do you not believe me? You should show off your socks sometimes because if they make you feel pretty other people will have similar opinions and you can bond over it.

Maybe your right.. because i love skirts and stuff.. I wear them all the time..

Try it..whats the harm :)

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