Kissing With Tenderness

and being in someone’s arms

Feeling  the heartbeat

It is like to be in the dark night,

Where the stars shine.

Sharing the sky!

Tender long kisses

It is to fly in the vastness of the sky

Feeling the feet touching the moon

Feeling the hands playing with

the stars.

It is to gather flowers in the paradise

Walking on a rainbow

Colecting all the colors

With a huge knot of satin.

feeling the sunshine

through my body

The breeze of the infinity

Caressing my heart

It is to catch the white cloud

and hold the drops of the rain

It is to travel in the universe

of dreams

It is to land on a perfumed

Petals of roses

and longing for more...


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4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Tender kisses sent your way. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

TP, your poetry always makes me smile. x

This is absolutely beautiful. Long tender kisses! Smiles

This is ABSOLUTELY beautiful :)