How To Make The Right Decisions On Becoming A Long Underwear Person:

Long Underwear in most cases is considered Old Fashioned and Unconventional in Today's Society even though it was the Male Choice of Underwear prior to the 1930's. You are always hearing people talk about being Cold or Chilly, even in the Summer without the A/C on, especially Older Men and Women. The Young might also have this Problem, but it is definitely True in Older People which is a Wise Decision for being Dressed in Long Underwear. If you could just convince People to Dress "From the Inside Out," instead of from the "Outside Half Way In," the Problem of Being Cold and Uncomfortable would go away. Let me explain!
The 1st Step to Wearing Long Underwear is getting it in your Head Mentally the Bodily Benefits you are going to be getting from this Choice of Underwear. You have to have a Real Desire and Absolutely a Real Need to want to wear Long Underwear.
To begin with, you need to choose a Style. An example is the Long Sleeve Single Piece Unionsuit which has many Material Choices, or the Long Sleeve 2 Piece Suit(Top & Bottom) which also has many Material Choices. Both Styles come in 100% Smooth Ribbed Knit Cotton, Cotton/Polyester Choices, and Thermal Knit Choices, specifically Circular, Waffle, and Raschel Knits. There are also Silk Choices of Long Underwear for both Men and Women.
As a Starter Trial Suit in order to get acquainted with the Product, I would go with the Long Sleeve 100% Cotton Smooth Ribbed Knit 2 Piece Suit of Long Underwear. If you are Comfortable and Happy, in my opinion, you should even try the Best Grade of Thermal Knit Long Underwear which is the Long Sleeve 100% Cotton Raschel Thermal Knit 2 Piece Suit. This might even meet your Needs and Comforts better. Check various Brands, On Line, or at your Local Clothing or Department Stores. The Best Colors are Natural and White, but they also come in Red and Other Colors.
After finding the Right Brand and Style to Meet Your Needs, next is deciding on the Correct Size. A lot of Underwear Brands are misleading meaning the Sizes are really One Grade or Size Up from What is Indicated or Fits You Correctly. For Example-A Medium is a Large; A Large is an Extra Large; An Extra Large is really an XX Large, etc. This is something You are going to have to Play With in order to find the Size to Meet Your Needs. Always check to see if the Product can be returned if the Size is Wrong for You. And always have the Purchase Receipt!
Some Long Underwear Brands such as Indera Classic and JCP's Rock Face come in both Regular and Tall Sizes. If You are Tall and Lanky, a Regular Size will not work or be Comfortable for you. Take My Advice and Wear Only Tall Size Long Underwear, Cut Longer in the Sleeves, Body, and Legs. This is True for Unionsuits, as well as, 2 Piece Suits of Long Underwear. You will be Happy You chose the Tall Size.
After Your Trial Period, You will need to decide on which Brand and Style is going to Work Best for You. In other words, what is going to give You the Most Total Body Support, Protection, Comfort, Breathability, Flexibility, Fit, and Health for Your Body from Wrist to Ankle. Also important is deciding on which Brand and Style is going to give Your Body the Most Insulation. By this I mean, the Suit of Long Underwear that is going to keep the Atmospheric Conditions of Cold and Heat from Penetrating thru the Wall or Barrier of Long Underwear You are Wearing and Ever Reaching Your Inner Body or Skin. As a result, Your Body will Always Feel Comfortable from Wrist to Ankle.
My Recommendation is the JCP Rock Face Long Sleeve 100% Cotton Raschel Thermal Knit 2 Piece Suit which is the Proper Weight and Balance for Total Body Comfort in All Weather Conditions, which includes the Summer Months. This JCP Rock Face Brand and Style to my knowledge is Not Available for Purchase in the Men's Clothing Department at JCP Stores. It can be Ordered On Line from Various Companies, but I suggest You Call the JCP Catalog Department Phone # at 1-800-322-1189, and place Your Order. You could either have it Shipped to Your Home Free of Charge if the Cost is under $50.00 or Better Yet, have it sent to Your nearest JCP Store Catalog Department, Free of Charge, and Pick It Up at Your Convenience.
It Gets Old hearing people talk about how Cold or Uncomfortable they are all the time. They sound like a "Broken Record!" So Another Benefit besides Dressing in Long Underwear is Relaxing in it Around The House without having to be Burdened with other Clothing on Top. And when it's Time For Bed, Long Underwear is a Great PJ, Saving You a Number of Dollars on this already Common other Nightime or Sleep Wear
My Advice is to Give Long Underwear a Real Trial. It will work for you if you Give It A Chance and can get it in Your Head about "How Comfy and Great You Are Going To Be Feeling All The Time.
A Lot of Times, Individuals who Anticipate Wearing Long Underwear, are descouraged by Their Friends or They Themself worry about What There Friends or Other People might think if they know they are wearing Long Underwear. Do Not Let other People, Regardless of Who They Are, keep You from Being Comfortable All The Time. If Long Underwear Meets Your Needs, and It Works For You-"Go For It!"
I Guarantee You will get a lot of Comfort, Satisfaction, and Enjoyment from Wrist to Ankle wearing Only Long Underwear as Your Inner layer of Clothing.
So Give Long Underwear a Try. It will not be a Mistake for You by Any Means. You will only be getting the True Benefits from Wearing the World's Greatest Choice of Underwear to Meet Your Everyday Needs.
I hope I got Your Attention because You Can't Go Wrong with This Inner layer of Clothing On Your Body.
Thank You!
A Long Underwear Friend

Wentz Wentz
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

I agree with you that most people feel long underwear is "old fashioned". But the why are the thermal knit pull over top shirts so popular. Because it is basically a piece of long underwear material that is designed to be exposed, and it is comfortable. If only they would try wearing thermals on the bottom half of the body and the thermal shirt on the inside they would find out how fantastic it feels.

Years ago, back when grunge music popular, you would see rock stars wearing long underwear under ripped jeans and even under shorts. Now grunge music isn't my choice but I sure did enjoy seeing the performers wear it.

At times wearing long underwear on a continual basis takes a commitment, but there are times when you think, "I don't need it today". So you go back to wearing the short version of underwear that everyone else wears and then you notice something. You feel chilled or cold and wish you had your long underwear back on so you could feel comfortable again. That is when you realize that you are hooked and wearing long underwear is becoming important to you.

To us, those that wear long underwear often or on a regular basis, regardless if it is a physical need or psychological need, wearing it just feels right and good.

If you see todays clothing styles, it is obvious that nobody cares what you wear. So don't be embarrassed to wear long underwear or even talk about it. Heck, the next person you ask may be just as hooked on it as you are!