My Accident.

i started longboarding about a year and a half ago, and i've loved it since i first stepped on my board. i think it's the best feeling just riding around. i've gotten pretty good lately doing slides and stuff. but i don't think i'll be doing any of that anytime soon. about two weeks ago i fell. now, its not just one of those "i'll just brush it off" type falls. its a "i cant talk because im passed out in the middle of the road" type falls, haha. heres what happened; i was riding next to my friend going about 40-50 mph. i had my hands behing my back, and my face forward. then my friend put his foot down, and my wheel hit his food. i flew forward and smashed my face into the ground. i fractured my zygomatic bone (the one below your eye), broke my nose, and broke my tooth. altogether its costing e about $2000 to fix my face and tooth. i'm only 14 years old so i can't really pay that so its all on my father & he's not too happy. he took my board the day that i fell. i have absolutely no life anymore. i don't know what to do with time. anyway heres the picture from when i fell.
lovemetoomuch lovemetoomuch 13-15, F 1 Response Mar 31, 2012

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I fractured that same bone one time.the one under your eye. Some kid was ripping it on his bicycle down the sidewalk and I was cruising up to the sidewalk perpendicular to him. He was coming from my left and I ride goofy so I was facing him. Thing is there was a truck on my left right before the sidewalk which made a blind spot. Right when I passed the truck he slammed into me..fractured my cheek bone as well along with a concusion and my right nostril bled for eight whole hours....totally worth it:) skate or die!!