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I have no idea how to explain longboarding. One part skill, two parts awesome I guess. I live in Colorado, so I can't longboard year round, but the upside is we have these really, really, large hills called mountains. I'm just fine taking my longboard out for a spin around my neighborhood, and am so stoked for this summer because I just got a GoPro with a chest mount, so I can take footage while boarding. That was a little off topic I guess, but the best part of my neighborhood is that there's this giant hill that you can just cruise down, and there are very small amounts of cars that drive down it. It probably takes you for the better part of half a mile before you hit this giant flat where you can just kinda chill. I usually take my board out every day if I can get the chance, sometimes with my friends, sometimes without. It's fun with friends for sure, but there's something about ridin solo that is just hard to describe. I especially like taking the board out in fall, right before the snow starts to fall. The air is crisp, and you just kinda go crunching through leaves on the board. If you time it right, the cool autumn air will envelope you and send you flying across the road, but it seems like you're floating on air. If you haven't longboarded in the 303, I highly suggest it. Changing pace, I think I should talk about injuries. Surprisingly, the only injury I have from my longboard was when I overestimated the turning radius on my pintail and hit the curb. I landed square on my knee and took a chunk out of it. I was running on pure adrenalin, and somehow I was able to get back home. I think I had to get about 10 stitches in my knee, and the doctor said if I had landed a half an inch over, I would've shattered my kneecap. Still, I refused to stop longboarding, and it's the same with my friends. Anyone else have some cool stories? I always look for people that can tell a good story. I guess I'm still kind of an amateur because I can't spin or anything, partially because I don't have gloves. Regardless, I could care less just because longboarding is still awesome. Oh, and has anyone else heard the rumor that if you longboard in California you're considered gay? I find it slightly offensive, just because most people ask me that when they hear that I longboard. Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of that, and if you have a cool story, feel free to post it!

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Awe dude, im from South Africa. im a longboarder. i wantr to progrese into racing :D me and my mates often go bomb hills, the worst injury ive sustained was a dislocated shoulder. i hindsided while doing a standie. anyways glad to here your stoked. what setup are you riding//? you should invest in gloves hay and ALWAYS where a helmete no matter what!! the main thing is to get back out there whenever you take a fall. ive had friends who put down the board after 1 bail and never get back on. thats sad cuz longboarding is such a great sport. anyways. life the serch bro contact me if you want some more stories :D happy to share

My friend from Irvine (CA) just introduced me to longboarding this past week...gotta say, it's a lot more chill than skateboarding.

Haha I'm from California man I bomb my board all the time slidin smashing Down hills alot if kids around here do it I've never been called gay or even heard of that rumor o btw I'm from vacaville ca

Hey broski, my name is Alex and i am also a Colorado longboarder! I loved your story and how you feel about the grand sport. I live in Trinidad, CO and we have around 6 or 7 other boarders not including myself. We have a pretty tight crew and we also have friends who lived here and moved up to the Fort Collins and Springs area. A few months ago i got into sliding hard. I know a handful of slides but my friends know WAY more then me. when i was reading your story i got curious as too if there were any amazing spots where you live that you would want to share so if our crew was ever in the area we could meet your crew and have a giant skate sesh. I know, however, that some spots are sort of sacred to groups and you may not want other people getting into trouble with authorities. But we are always happy to meet new boarders and share knowledge techniques and time with others.