How To Explain Things To A Friend

Trusting in others is never been one of my best features. I started longboarding a couple of years ago and I love freeride and downhill.
I love how it makes me feel: free and alive, specially when I am on top of some hill sorrounded by nature.
I've been riding alone for 2 years and now one of my best friend have a longboard too. We skated street for years and now we can share this new experience..but someting is weird.

I love sport and when I longboard I like to go up by feet and breathing good air. I stretch and I like to feel free.
Yesterday for the first time we went for a ride and I didn't like the way he behaved: first he lighted up a cigarette ( for me it is like somebody smokes into a pool or a gym) just before the way up.
Then when we were down the hill he started to smoke again, and then on the way up he couldn't breath.
Then he was like blind to all the beautifullness of the hills around.
But the major problem was the safety: when we ride we have to be safe, he can't be attachet to me, specially now that he has not experience riding a longboard, we need some distance,then we need to look forward AND behind for cars.. well.. yesterday I was scared a little.

So I told him something at the end, but just 10% about my negative thoughts: I told him that he couldn't smoke while he does sport, because longboarding is not like skateboarding, muscles are stressed and brain need concentration.

I really hope my friend will undestand.
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

i feel that way too, i have bombed hills drunk and stoned being drunk ******* sucked i felt like i was going slow as ****, and i could barely remember it. weed was kinda of cool, it kind of brought me closer to nature my music was more in depth, the colors were brighter everything was great, but the walk back up was horrible!!!! i was so lazy (and dumb to have picked a mile and half run) i had to take breaks walking up the hill (it was pathetic) so i didnt go down again, im not gonna lie it was cool but, never again because of my lazyness. just a one time thing, but i prefer sobriety when riding, just let the adrenaline flow.

"adrenaline flow", that's the reason that a stoned ride could delete from my longboard life. Anyway I saw people smoke weed during the way up in a race, I am not like that, I think with speed you got to be smart and ready, not chillout and stoned.

wow.. today was better, maybe being patience is the answer, I just told him yesterday about the cigarette and today he didn't smoke, and we have fun riding longboard. patience was the key