My First Surgery... And Probably Not My Last.

It was late on a cold and rainy February night in Texas. I was boarding from one friends house to another pumping myself up for a night out with friends at a party. I was just cruising, carving, and sliding around. Usually, this isn't really much of an issue in the rain but for some reason that night it was. I was trying some new stuff, cross stepping while doing a frontside 180 slide, and the board shot out from underneath me. I went down hard too. My right leg shot out in front of me and my left leg ended up underneath me. At first, I thought I was fine and stood right up. I took a step to retrieve my board and went right back down. The pain had reared it's ugly face at that moment. I layed in the street for a good 10-15 minutes thinking, "this isn't normal". After trying to assess what happened, I got up using my board as a crutch and hobbled a mile and a half to my friends house. By the time I got to his house, the pain was so bad I had taken off my shoe and wrapped my sock around my foot hoping it would act as a compression wrap of sorts. I decided it would be a good idea to go get an x-ray the next day. So, I'm at the doctors waiting in an examination room to find out what had really happened to my foot. The doctor walks in and puts the x-ray up on the light board and explains that one of the tendons that runs down through my ankle and attaches at the foot had ripped out a chunk of bone. He said it happens but usually in very specific situations. He asked me what I was doing when it happened and I told him I was longboarding. He looked at me and asked "Is it worth getting a screw put in your foot, and possibly, future surgeries?". It was a defining moment for me but I don't think he realized that. I looked back at him after a minute of thought and said, "It's worth it now and it'll be worth it in the future".
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Daaaang. you tell that doctor! >.< lol

That is quite possible the sexiest longboarding story I've ever heard. And I'm not gay.

Haha Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it all the same.