My Buddy

i went out today and i just tried to block out the concept of time and i just kept going... i'd heard about a technique where you can control your muscles and basically keep momentum pumping without your feet leaving the board. for the first time, i figured out how to do it... and i rode like that for what seemed a mile... there was a slight decline i think... and it was so smooth.... i just kept swishing and swishing... it felt like i was in a dream.

i missed my friend. he taught me the basics and most of what i know on a board. i was riding his boards before i had my own. he used to call me The Dutchess. we would joke about nicknames... i miss that. he mentored me. he was there when i got my first scar, my first sprain...we would skate for miles! we would glide along a wide bike path, sychronizing our speed-- and then we would each have afoot on the other person's board....we would switch boards in mid skate... we'd be giggling like kids the whole time... we would practise cross-overs and power-slides (still working on them :) !)... he taught me what to look for in a skate shoe. at the end of the day, when we had tired ourselves out, saying goodbye,  I would always thank him for teaching me and he would always laugh and say "any excuse to hang out with a girl!" he was always sweet and fun... and honest. he kept me grounded with his sense of humor and gentle critique. i will always miss him.

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2 Responses Mar 19, 2010

thanks for reading, miami! you're a sweetheart :)

masscharade: thanks for reading this... i wanted to share this with you. :)