A Females Body

 A females body is soft, gentle, their touch is so very different to a males, and to look and enjoy looking at a females body is no crime. 

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"There are no ugly women, only those who do not know how to look beautiful."<br />
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There is a difference in looking beautiful and looking attractive. Beauty is obvious to most men but attractiveness is more subtile. Attractiveness has to do with conversation, general appearance, manner, demeanour, facial ex<x>pressions, attention, smell, friendliness and all the other aspects of body language.<br />
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If I was asked by a girl how to attract people, I would say do two things. One is to make people feel good about themselves and the other is to make them feel they matter.

In every species there is a way to attract the opposite sex. For example, the tail or the peacock dazzles the female peahen. Examples could be cited all over the place. In the case of humans, the woman is the beautiful one and almost all males are attracted. The man is the looker and the woman is the lookee. That's just the way it is.

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I concur, love women

a womens body is beautyfull and of your photo you are very hot love the look

if this is a real picture yes theres a lot to be admire on you as a woman

I believe that every woman in the world has something to be admire the only thing is that some have more than others but all the women are beautifull thanks to gos to give us men this precious gift

I agree! Have you ever had the pleasure of that experience?<br />
No it most certainly isn't a crime and I am very glad of that! :)<br />
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Be well,<br />