It's Wonderful To Do So

When I see a woman i find beautiful i notice the face first the eyes the smile it can be any kind of woman any race any age it's something about that physical connection sometimes it's just she is pretty and sometimes i feel attracted to her.

 I will notice her hair; every feature of her quickly imprints on my minds' eye i am extremely adept and taking in details of a person very quickly,  and if her girls are on display i can't help but stare, well, ok not STARE just a covert glance!. Though i wish i could ogle o_O...

And of course then her is the azz,  it's that final glance i try to get, as she mm mm  :)
It was good for me :D!!!

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Quite so!!

well there is the good unsettled and the yukky unsettled...<br />
<br />
it all matters on my mood mostly and secondly if i am attracted to the person doing the oogling :")! you mean if you get a very good going over it doesn't make you feel a little unsettled inside? Hmmmm....back to the drawing board.

I know es :)!<br />
<br />
For example if a cute person oogles it's more ok as opposed to a weirdo with an off vibe...O_O then it's more like ewww and you get all unsettled inside.

Just an appreciative good look and a little smile and nod if she looks....just to let her know she is doing just fine. I try to forgo slobbering and shouting crude things at her as much as possible. I think that is a good rule of thumb

Well put Topbear :)

When a woman is strutting, she is an unstoppable force. I have to admit to taking a long slow look....but well to this side of being creepy. If that is the case, she doesn't mind who takes a good gander.

I think we are all that way when we feel terrific it shows<br />
in our gait in our manner and in our dress it's comfortable and sensual even sexy :)<br />
<br />
So when i am in that mindfr<x>ame i expect to be noticed :")! <br />
<br />
Gr8white I have a weakness for boobs too, and ***** :P <br />
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Thank you for your comments Topbear and Gr8white :)

If a woman is all decked out and feeling good about herself and looking very fine and knowing it, it is very hard for anyone not to look. Why not check her out? If you are discreet, she vastly appreciates the compliment anyway.....