I'm Sometimes Too Shy

I love looking at beautiful women but don't have the courage to talk to them, I have seen a beautiful asian woman a few times working in a shop a go passed, she has seen me looking & smiles, but today I finally got the courage to tell her I thought she was beautiful, it felt good to say it, I hope it made her feel good to
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I've now been in a relationship with a chinese woman for nearly a year & a half, things have been great. I am 54 she is 41, she has a 2 & a half year old daughter. now we are expecting our first child together, which I am a bit nervous about. I have a 30 year old son so it's been a long time between children. I also have a 2 year old grandson. I'm just a bit worried that I'm not too old to be a good father now

thank you basy, before I had a chance to make a second attempt the shop she was working in closed down. But last week I saw her out shopping, she was leaving the same time as me, so I offered to help her carry her shopping to her car, we had a bit of a talk so I might be seeing her tomorrow,

Friend glad you courage d, and did some steps for further improvement, Nex time ask her for a cup of tea or coffee ,it will give you a chance to sit together,do not be shy, collect yours confidence with all energy for further advance.
If you do not mind touching makes successes things easy. for that touching you be very careful might not she consider you just a entertainment eager, you got what I mean.
A polite touching with some excuses works great. She is Asian women try to understand her first, any way touching gives a enjoy and makes thing easy for friendship,
pls let me how things go next time.
how old she Is? hope not married,any way good start:-)
You have to go in begin so slowly just read her face, if you feel nervous when talking to her, in this case keep cell phone and play with that,to make you relax,be normal in conversation,
for a shy person its help to look down collect courage and carry on talk, all the best for you.

true wish you good luck,But keep in mind some women on first attempt or bit nervous, or may adopt a way which might make you upset, but as you say she smiles so go a head with out hesitation and see the response,You can ask her for a cup of coffee etc:-)<br />
I my self did one attempt to a women i liked, never second attempt,. women like second attemt very much to see mans has how much liking for her.<br />
Pls I hope you will share us what result you had,?