Cute Girls Are My Weakness

I'm a girl, and I don't know what my sexual orientation is, but honestly cute girls are the best. Cute, pretty, exotic, unique- just girls in general, I really like looking at them :DD
NarcoticNightmare NarcoticNightmare
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 29, 2012

Me too! Especially impeccably dressed and well-groomed Asian girls.

Don't worry about you orientation. I am bi but can think of nothing nicer than looking at cute girls Sometimes I might look at the guy and think how lucky the girl is because he. Is really sexy but I always check out the girl first I might like sex with a guy but girls are the best to look at dresses or undressed

I've never had sex though, so it's really hard to figure out what my orientation is going to be lol.

The best orientation is to have both when you are old enough and ready. In the meantime enjoy it yourself. I think being a girl would be absolutely the best, you get to have it all. You can wear pretty and sexy clothes in public without being ridiculed. Eventually you get the chance to make out with a guy and experience all those wonderful feelings and then no one thinks twice seeing two girls holding hands and that can lead to kissing and if your lucky making out with her too
In the interim just learn what makes you feel good and do it yourself, then when you are old enough it is not fumbling and being hurt