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A Place To Post Pics Of Your Beautiful Wife/girlfriend. Non Nude!

I've been in contact with hundreds of guys that like showing off their beautiful wives and/or girlfriends and understandably do not want their wives/g/f's faces shown in sexy photos!  This site will be dedicated to the display of these wives in a non-sexual manner.  Photographs of beautiful women with their faces included.  Each viewer will be encouraged to leave a comment on their favorite photos.  The caption of each pic will, with the proper consent, contain the lady's name and possibly their EP screen name.  It will be up the person that submitted the photo! 

What do ya all think?  Bill in Va.

williemcd williemcd 51-55, M 9 Responses Mar 25, 2010

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So maybe I'm slow today, but where is the site? Is it within EP? Or another site with its own URL? I'm sure I'm going to feel silly when you tell me, but be patient with this old guy and point me to it. TWOF

Marty.. to find a photo on your puter...<br />
If your on a PC.<br />
Right click on the lower left hand corner of the screen.. on the START button.<br />
A pop-up will appear and select SEARCH.<br />
A list of drives/folders will appear.<br />
Single left click on "MY COMPUTER"...<br />
Then from the tool bar, click on SEARCH<br />
This will give you a prompt to enter in what you want to search for.<br />
The top selection will be Photos/Vid etc.<br />
Click on that and hit Search.<br />
The results might come back in detail or they might come back in thumbnails. This should find EVERY photo resident on your PC. <br />
PM me if ya wanna phone call walk-through.. Bill in Va.

My ex-girl friend Heather she let me take nudes to post on this site. I cant remember how to get to it or its name.

My ex-girl friend Heather she let me take nudes to post on this site. I cant remember how to get to it or its name.

i have posted my wifes picture, but hid her face

I like the idea. Everything is so focused on **** and sex as opposed to a legitimate collection of real pictures by real people. It's kind of why I am on EP. To interact with real people about real things.

I'll edit the thread to include g/f's.. twas an oversight! Bill

I don;t have a wife anymore, can I post my g/f's pic at this site?

great initiative, thanks!