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Bra With Nipple Holes

I bought my wife a sheer bra with nipple holes. We were going to dinner at a resort and I got her to try it on in the hotel room. It was so hot to see her nipples poking out of the bra.
I asked her to wear it that night when went out, so she tried her blouse on with the bra to see how much her nipples would poke out. They did (and it was awesome) but fortunately it was a top with a paisley design and even though her nipples were at attention it would be dfficult for others to notice so she was comfortable going out with her nipples hard as rocks and poking out of her blouse. She walked around all evening with her big nipples straining against the fabric and I couldn't help but check out her nipples all night and almost couldn't wait to get back to the hotel room.
I highly recommend the nipple hole bra!
notsmart notsmart 46-50, M 15 Responses Apr 21, 2011

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Good deal.

So sexy and hot

Love to see the photos of her beautiful big **** and rock hard nipples ...

sounds really hot


I know i'll get raped when I wear a bra like that but hey what girl doesn't enjoy being raped. I look forward to that with my nipples sticking out likie bottle corks.

I'm not sure I'd be able to even walk out of the hotel room with the friction of the fabric against my nipples, which would no doubt be hard as rocks from the bra!!

sounds interesting, I think I might like it. I will have to find one.

i love thoose and have a few.... i am 38c so i like the support but love how the fabric feels rubbing up against the nipple...... and it doesnt feel so constricting.

After reading your story, I went on Amazon and ordered one for Ann. She has really been into being braless lately, but I thought this might add some fun with giving her some support while doing the braless thing at the same time. Thank you for your story.

I wish they made those in MY size.

It was all I could do to keep my hands to myself!

that must have been so sexy!!

Nattygirl - I bought it on eBay.

That sounds like a great idea!! I've got to get the wife one of those!!!