I Feel A Bit Like I'm Lost In Space....

.......   probably because the universe is too big to comprened.  I have a science degree and have attended an astronomy course so feel a little bit qualified to at least think about it.    Where does it end,...  is there a wall at the far end of space,.....  and if so what's on the other side of it.   Anyway you see my dilema.

I do wonder what other beasties live in our universe.   Are there creatures as we have seen in the "Alien" series or is there a giant fleet of galactic fresian bulls on their way to earth to save our farm cattle and make human animal feed meal out of us all.  Maybe. 

Perhaps we shouldn't be sending so many signals into out space !! 

The night sky is beautiful though and at least we are too far away to spoil it.

my5cents my5cents
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1 Response Jul 16, 2010

Sounds like a wonderful place for star gazing FurElise. The country I live in also has a lot of remote and desolate places although we get a lot of cloud cover at times. But some evenings are great and very clear.