Once I Got My Wife to Look Me In the Eyes As We Climaxed..

it was the best climax (that's an ******) ever.

Anyone else relate to this experience?


51-55, M
4 Responses Nov 8, 2007

Yes I have-it's very powerful feeling-I love it quite honestly!

I know that feeling. It's an incredible connection.

oh YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i always thought i would be to embarrassed to do that. i never did that with any of my boyfriends or even with my "ex" husband! but with my fiance it's soooooo different. interlocking fingers...eye contact....it's wonderful!!! makes me wanna call him and tell him to come home from work right now!!! lol

Nothing better than looking into your lover's eyes as you make love to each other, and then seeing the intense look in thier eyes as they climax.