But Today

I look out of the window from my office to the main hall, not to the sunshine outside

And I look, in reaction to the door slamming behind you.  You have grown paler, and lost that twinkle in your eye, that beautiful smile you had when I first started here and was in awe of you.  You always keep yourself to yourself and advised me the same, we never see each other that often as you work outside the office.  But lately you have been creeping in, past everyone and each time I see you, you are in a world that does not contain many smiles and you tell me it is this place, it is dragging you down. 

If I jump off first, I will get you off here too

You are not the girl I met and this should be one of the happiest times of your life, not a daily chore.

You and I would chat when we did see each other about your upcoming wedding, your new dress and shoes that you got at the weekend, you were chirpy and always one of the ones that were the good ones here, but they have knocked you down too.

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Mar 10, 2009