I Love Bridal Magazines

I have a subscription to Brides Magazine. I just love it when a new issues comes. I will dress up in my bridal lingerie which includes white garter belt and stockings a white lacy bra and delicate lacy satin panties in white, I then put on a white see through chiffon gown. I have on some very feminine perfume and like to do my lips with red lipstick. I then sit down on the bed with my new issue of Brides looking at all the lovely gowns imagining that it is me in the pictures. I get very aroused and start touching my sissy clitty teasing myself. I find a favorite picture of a gown in the magazine and before long I have a intense sissy ****** in my panties. I also often fantasize about walking down the isle in a satin and chiffon gown having a spontaneous ****** in my panties. I love feeling like such a sissy!!
Lori234 Lori234
51-55, M
May 15, 2012