Like Looking Through Your Cabinets!

It's my saving grace! I have to write 80 stories, per week, to keep me and my best pal Philip well entertained! Otherwise, we'd fall into all kinds of hijinks and **** off Sharon! Not good! :-(

So, the "Group" tab doesn't always list the ones I can relate to or would have a true story for. And since I am not in the habit of making up stories on EP (unless it for those silly groups that come up, like "I Am Not A Spork"), then I can't join it... and I can't add a story... and then Philip and I left to no good. =p

So, I often browse the experiences of my EP pals... also of others who are not in my circle. I basically "steal" experiences... but then again, it's not really stealing.... If I had a similar experience, then it is MY experience... only I didn't make the group myself. ;-)

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Mar 21, 2009