When I was writing a story for my 223rd experience and nearing the end of my self imposed task to write one for everyone of them, nostalgia started to seep in.  Discreetly but unmistakably it entered the scene and started to penetrate my words. 

I knew it would be hard to leave.  I made friends here.  I hold friendship in high esteem.

When I was feverishly writing my stories, I avoided to add even more experiences.  I wasn't sure I would find the words for all those I'd gathered.  But my labor advanced faster than I had expected. 

Nostalgia whispered in my ear that I'd better make sure not to leave any interesting experiences untreated.  So I started adding some more.

To inspire me, I looked up the experiences in the profiles of some friends.  From time to time the combination of dozens, sometimes hundreds of experiences sketched a person.  Sometimes I saw one that fits me and added it as one of my own. 

I invite anybody reading this to invite me to add any experience i could have overlooked. 

This exercise is like drawing a self-portrait, showing myself yet staying in the shadow. 

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Love to make you laugh, Sylphie

Why thank you, More! That is just sweet. *hugs*<br />
<br />
*Sylph can not stop laughing*

you're most welcome, dearest Sylph! I adore you!

LOL!<br />
Let me dwell about that... ;)

yes, if you give me experiences i can't resist, Sylph...

Does that mean you're staying longer if we keep giving you experiences? ..... ;)

should add that one, indeed, dearest Shannon...

have you joined this one yet?<br />
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don't be mean, Bella!

I know I would get slammed for saying this...but what the heck<br />
<br />
I hope you find 223 more experiences that you just have to add and write about...;)