Naughty Upskirts...

hello there everybody...yesterday my sister visited me 4 lunch.wen she came in she squatted to pat my dog(spitz)...n wow was i in luck.i got a full blown view of her pink panties which was so hot dat my eyes got rivetted to has been almost 8 or 9 yrs since i got an opportunity to peek up her skirt.last was wen we were kids in it was gr8.aftr sumtime she came to know where my roving eye was glued to n she said "gosh u've still not grown up hv u..still tryin to peek up my skirt r u boy.."...and here i thot dat all these years she never knew dat i was always tryin to catch a glimpse of her panties up her posting some pics which *** close to describing d scene of dat moment...keep me posted guys n please do let me know if any of u hv had any similar experiences...ha ha please guys..contribute wit some photos in dis post....
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2 Responses Jun 19, 2011

Good I like the story and especially the picture

Yeah, i must admit i enjoy seeing accidental *******. Didnt happen much last summer though.