*** In My Panties

i was in NY going to work one morning on the sub way. it was in the summer and i was in a short skirt and a nice top with stockings on. the sub way was really packed this day and i had to stand up and hold on to the rings with 1 hand and my things with the other. we were like pees in a pod. as i got off and was walking i felt something different in my panties, they felt wet. when i got to work i went to the ladies room. took off my skirt and the back of my panties were wet with ***. some one behind me on the sub way lifted up the back of my skirt and shot his load ether in or on the back of my panties. all i could think of was how he could have done this with out me knowing or feeling it happen.?? i washed them out and put them away to dry. that meant i had no panties on at work that day, and in a short skirt too. i was very careful the rest of the day.
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Fabulous sweetie

you know i have done some work on just that. i had my lover lift up my skirt and shoot a load in my panties to see if i could feel it. first being packed real tight on the train and banging around i could not feel him lift up my skirt and slide in my panties. #2 his *** is the same body temp as mine, so againg i did not feel it. but quit brave on his part.<br />

i bet you would, it was a windy day too