Salesgirls Panties

sitting outside in the city centre, i sat on a bench looking into a department store entrance where i could see a young woman arranging merchandise on a display table at the entrance. she was wearing a vest top and a short flared demin skirt bare legged. as she reached over the table, id get a glimpse of the top of her thighs and nearly her bum cheeks. she mustve known about her near flash as she kept pulling down her skirt and smoothing it down all the time.
this went on as i eagerly looked on, hopefully get a glimpse of her panties. eventually she was leaning over the table again but this time she did so abit further and so her panties finally came into view. cupping her perfect bum cheeks was a pair of white floral panties. this only lasted a few seconds but gosh that was niice...
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Did you go and have a **** afterwards

I used to love going into a local shoe shop (alas now closed) with my wife because they used to have small, angled mirrors on the floor to help women see how their new shoes would look without having to stand up.

Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for me!) if you stood back a bit, a few feet behind the woman's back, it also allowed you to see right up their skirts while they were lifting their legs to put the shoes on and off, especially the younger girls who were less aware of protecting their modesty.

And my wife wondered why I was the only husband in the world who was happy to go shoe shopping with his wife!

Very good> I too like to look up the skirts of sales girls whenever I get the chance. It is so easy to do when the assistant bends over or reaches up to the top shelf. I love to look up the fronts of the skirt and see the panty covered crotch<br />
Keep peeping up skirts

Before Christmas. the sales girls had to dress up in short blue silky skirts, dark stockings and suspenders for the men only nights. <br />
I was delighted at the scheme. <br />
An assistant came over to me and asked if she could help me .<br />
I told her I was looking for white panties, my favorite colour, and acceptable to my wife.<br />
She went to a cupboard and bent down to find some samples. <br />
Immediately her shiny blue.skirt rose up to reveal white smooth full back panties stretched over her pert bottom cheeks.<br />
I moved over to stand behind her. <br />
"These are lovely knickers. I also like the little frills across the bottom. Do you mind of I touch them?"<br />
"OOh sir, of course you must try before you buy. do you prefer my suspenders inside or outside my knickers?" <br />
I stared at the choice, enjoying every second as I fondled the rich silky materiel.<br />
"Inside," I replied.<br />
"You may thread the ribbons inside please. And take your time!"<br />
"No problem" I said, hardly believing my luck, as I held the ribbons in my hand and threaded each one inside her panties.<br />
"Your panties are really dense and shiny. Do you mind men looking up your skirt?"<br />
"If it attracts soft hand like you feeling my thighs and pressing my panties against my skin!, I love it. "<br />
"You do realize that your skirt does not cover your panties. If you wear these at a party, you will have lads feeling your panties all night."<br />
"Sounds good to me!" she replied as I tightened up her suspenders.<br />
"How do I look now?" she asked as she stood up.<br />
""Fantastic. How much are these knickers?"<br />
"Twenty pounds. But buy two pairs and get one free."<br />
"Great! have you got some nice pastel shades to model for me?"<br />
"You are a naughty man. And I see you are getting excited," she said touching my zip. "What panties are you wearing?"<br />
"The shiny green knickers your sold me last night."<br />
She pulled down the front and released my straining penis. <br />
"Let's see if the shiny pink panties have the same affect today."<br />
I helped pull; up a'chorus girl' pair of pastel knickers over her white panties.<br />
"Delightful?" <br />
I pushed her gently over a table like a naughty schoolgirl.<br />
"This is the perfect pose," I said. "No man could resist you."<br />
I stared down at the sight of pink knickers stretching over her pert cheeks.<br />
"Don't i get a gentle spanking now?" she inquired. I feel really disobedient."<br />
I took my time, enjoying they soft shiny material below my hand.<br />
"How much have I spent now?"<br />
"We will sort it out later. Now enjoy!" she whispered, squeezing me erotically as I fondled her panty covered bottom.<br />
"American Express ?<br />
"That'll do nicely. And tomorrow, sir?"<br />
"I think I will need a nurse."