They're Grrreat!

I had my daughter in 2001 and we named her Heaven. I was listening to the radio one day and a song came on called "Heaven". I listened to it and thought, "That was a great song!" I knew I had to get the CD. I had no idea who it was! I called the radio station and found out who the artist was and immediately went to the store to buy it. I listened to every song on the CD and knew I had made a great purchase. I love almost every song on that first CD, and the second one that I purchased in 2006. These guys are awesome. They are 3 hermanos from San Angelo, Texas and they are my favorite group. They taught themselves to play their instruments and all 3 are sheet music illiterate. It all comes from their heart and that comes through in their music. I just think they are the best, and can't wait until they come out with something new!

blueeyedmom blueeyedmom
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 13, 2007

Omg!! I love that song!! And that is a beautiful name for your daughter..