My Love Till My End

i loved one guy( anand ) .in my life time.he also loved me very much and very caring and romantic to me....i really seen his love in his eyes.......i thought he is my life,world,happy,sad and every thing that equal to love...but he left me without saying any word to me...i cant able to forgot  and there is no life without him...he s really mean to father left me in the world when i was in 7th std...after few years he came into my life and back off without saying  anything to me...i really miss him every minute and every seconds of my life..l really want to live with him....i can do anything for him..i cant live without him,,i want to see him happy who he is loving or going to love..may god bless him for a long  and healthy love will be  same for him till my life end and till my last breath...he is my
SOUL.....[ pl make your love happy always....try to see she/he happy with their loved one..don't hate them..] ...........
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May 23, 2012