Loud Sex...

Ok. Since I am fortunate enough to have 2 wives; i just happen to have 2 stories of having really loud sex.
First story involves (A): We had just moved to Richmond, VA and had only been there maybe a month in our "temporary apartment" while the apartment we had originally rented was being finished. We were down in the Slip and literally a block from a nice bar and and several smaller bars in the area as well We had gone out for a few "pops" and we had been feeling a little frisky while there. We decided to stagger home; once we hit the door clothes were everywhere. As made it to the living room we decided to break in the furniture so she laid back on the ottoman and I began to lick in wet *****. (A) has always been able to be loud and tonight with the alcohol on board she decided to let it out. The windows were open as she began to get louder. As she got louder it became apparent that the party goers who happened to be passing our windows were hearing her. We began to hear them cheering us on; so of course we realy got in to it. By the time we finished 30 min later we had a crowd of people under our 2nd floor window listening to us and having a good time. After we were done, we looked out and they were drinking in our honor. We laughed and showered and went for round 2...
(H) and I had been FWB for about 4 months or so; I had gone to visit her. Her husband was in the military and they lived on base. So we had an afternoon playdate. We decide to enjoy our time and we try a few new toys etc.We both get really into everything and she gets really loud to the point of screaming..which is really cool. Well as we have been into each other for quite sometime we hear something that sounds like knocking. At first we dont pay attention to it. After the 3rd time hearing it she decides to get up and find out what the noise is; knocking on her front door. She puts on a robe and answers the door; come to find out the neighbors were home.  The base MPs were checking to see if everything was ok because the neighbors hears screaming coming from her apartment. She blushes a little and tells them that she was having sex and she was really enjoying. They smiled at her and of course had to ask to see me, and of course my fat *** is naked and I bring my ID to make sure I am not a convict etc. It takes them 10 min or so and then they tell us to return to our fun; which we laughed and went for next round.
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Friends with benefits?

What a great pair of stories. I particularly love the applauding crowd outside the window. Hilarious!

actualy they were the guy that lived next door happend to be an mp and ame over when he got home from work and told ne they ( every one at teh station) was laughing it up hard core. i still feel a little bad fr the new guy that came on the call he turned redder then a tomato and i thought he was goign to pass out .. lol ............