I'm a loud person by nature. But I enjoy being loud during sex. It turns me on. I like to hear the slapping of his balls against me while he's ******* me but I also like to scream. Obviously, there are times where screaming should not be done but i try to avoid being quiet.
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I love making a woman moan when i am ******* her. I love the sound of my **** going into your wet *****

haha very nice ;-)

Might as well let him know when he's doing the right thing! It helps build our confidence and drive knowing that you are enjoying it well. Nothing worse than the feeling that this pleasure may be one-sided. Just getting close to you, smelling your body, feeling and kissing you all over, suckling your privates, feeling your insides, shooting inside you and the feeling of our wet parts working together, and the taste of it afterward are wonderful feelings for us guys. But it's all for naught if we aren't aware that you are enjoying it all as much as we are. Quiet, unresponsive girls are a major turnoff because we don't want to feel like you're doing this for our benefit, we want you to feel like we're helping you accomplish what you want.

I so much love a loud girl,the yelpings,groanings,screeching and screamings,it just makes me so much a better partner.And if she deafens me in the process,then I can go on all day,all my dreams I hear her voice pleading with me....aah! wonderful!

Carry on being loud,I certainly am!

Me too! I love the thought of someone overhearing and getting aroused my the sounds we're creating.