Today I Got A Coupon In The Mail

3 weeks ago I went to Shreveport.We stayed at Sam's town.I got the hang of things...drink fast play slow.Tip the chick who serves your drinks (they come faster that way).We had a blast!I want to go back.I am saving up for it.It wont be long now.In the mail I got a coupon for free dinner for one at EldoradoI have a card for them and for Sam's town.Nothing from Sam's town yet.I hope to get some thing soon.My uncle said I did not loose enough to get any thing from there.He said the same about Eldorado.He goes once a month.I dont think I'd ever be able to go that often.Though I feel diffrent there.I talked to people freely.I had lots of laughs and fun.Mostly with people who I did not even ask their names.I loved it!
LadyTexas LadyTexas
26-30, F
Jul 30, 2010