Lessez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

In all my 50+ years I have rarely felt at home anywhere.....Baton Rouge is the place I have felt most at home in my life, and I want to go back there some day.  I only lived there a few months many years ago, then got a job offer in Shreveport and moved there--lived there 6 months, was laid off when the project closed down, and moved to Texas. 

I have been to New Orleans a few times, and I'll always remember hearing people say "visit before it's washed away"...I remember how that made me shiver whenever I heard it.

My husband got to see some of southern Louisiana a few years back, and loved it as well.

The people were charming and welcoming, the food was incredible, and I love Cajun music.  Doug Kershaw is one of my favorites, and I got to hear Queen Ida perform live out here in California a few years back.

Lessez les bon temps roulez!

MaMegabyte MaMegabyte
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1 Response Jun 29, 2008

It is the best place i have ever been.