I Have Never Seen....

Downton Abbey until last night. I completely missed the first season. And now am starting at the beginning of the second season (i recorded the second season), while the third season is being recorded. I LOVE DOWNTON ABBEY!! I also love, upstairs downstairs and Call The Midwife. especially Call The Midwife!! :)
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

So you've only seen the first episode of season 3? Well, I recommend since you have a week till the next episode, that you use that week to catch up...If you can't record season 1, and don't wish to purchase the dvds, you can probably find them at the library...I recommend that you watch what you haven't seen in order...season 1 first, then season 2...it's worth it!! I watched the first episode of DA last night as well...and of course I loved it! Welcome to the "I love Downton Abbey Club" It's alot of fun...in fact the reason I found your post was because I googled "downton abbey chat rooms" to find others who love the show...

good idea.. i was thinking the same about season one... to get it and watch it. hooray for DA!! :)