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This is a great series. I have been streaming it on NetFlix, but I think it's a PBS series.  It's about a rich family in England and their servant staff that takes place in the early 1900's (it starts in 1912, I think).  The characters are so lovable, except the villans, and there has to be villans in a good story.

The story portrays the humanity that transcends social class, including love, jealousy, insecurity, caring, treachery, back-stabbing, kindness. It's a very good story.  
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Downton is such a well written & performed show! If you're a history fan at all and don't mind the occasional Showtime artistic license, the Borgias was just outstanding. I finished all 3 seasons really fast.

I will check out the Borgias, thanks! Maybe I'm into history and don't know it.

I don't know this one...but Netflix has been responsible for several obsessions that I would never have found otherwise. I'll have to check this one out.

I've watched a few that get snippy comments...But I just tell him that I'm not asking HIM to watch. (Sounds like he'll hate this one too, but there's no accounting for taste.)

I watch on my Kindle. : )

It is a very popular series in the US- rather like an updated Upstair/ Downstairs- which is a sort of soap story along the same lines- also PBS- and there are quite a few years of series there, if you like it....I used to have fun watching them- I love the costumes and scenery. I have trouble with Downton as the actress who plays the grand old aristocratic Grand Mother was Prof. McGonagle in Harry Potter- I keep expecting a spell or something...I tend to love the very old series that ran on PBS called "All Creatures Great and Small"... but enjoy...you certainly are in great company! Downton is very popular!!!!

I was going to start Breaking Bad on Netflix... but I'm veering towards your discovery!

Have you seen Legend of the Seeker there? Sherlock? Lie to Me? They are awfully goooood!

I started watching Braking Bad but it was just too creepy. My brother likes it. I have seen Sherlock, but not the other two. I'll have to check them out. Thanks, Sylphy!

You are correct. It is shown in the US on public television (PBS). Not sure about other countries...