Pink Is My Color

My loving beautiful wife found this topic and told me to share.  Pink has become my color because it best represents me and my obedience.  I have lots of pink pretty things to wear and when my lips and toes are not red they are PINK.  I have a special outfit that is all pink!  Pink pumps, pink stockings that have pretty pink bows, pink garterbelt of satin and lace, matching pink panties and bra, pink petticoat, an ultra feminine pink sissy dress and to top it all off I have a pink choker & wrist cuffs that have little bells on them. Its my tinkerbell outfit. Naturally I wear pink lipstick with it, the only part not pink is the string of pearls she has me wear with it. I love dressing up as a pretty pink feminine tinkerbell now!!  I am such a little ***** and that is why pink is my color.

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Feb 9, 2010