My Doctor's Trying To Tear Us Apart ='(

But I will NEVA let go of my precious tomatoes... eva <3

I really do love tomatoes, and I just don't see a real reason to cut them out of my diet completely. I'll try low fat (for the most part... I'm not cutting out cheese either) and even get rid of the diet soda, or citrusy things. I CUT BACK on the spicy foods and peppers, but I will absolutely not budge on the tomatoes, just because of some stupid LPR reflux. There is too much good in tomatoes to call them bad. Plus...

I've been looking for GRAPE tomatoes for 9 years, and nobody ever knew what I was talking about, and pointed me to CHERRY tomatoes. Grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are entirely different beasts, and today, of all days.... I found some on sale at ALDI for 49 cents a pack ^_^ I was thrilled, and grabbed up two packs for upcoming meals.
Infinite9 Infinite9
70+, F
May 12, 2012