When Cupid Strikes.

Marty is very happy today. It is her 25th wedding anniversary.  The couple had decided to have a honey moon of sorts.  Initially they had wanted to celebrate with their children and friends.  The children called in to say they were unable to come but promised them that they will get together and celebrate as soon as they could arrange to take leave of absence from their offices.  Deciding to throw a party once the children could come over they settled for a short trip to their favorite seaside destination.  

They arrived on the islands by cruise and were escorted to their honeymoon suite which had a marvelous view of the ocean which could be seen and heard as the hotel was situated on the cliff.  The only sounds around their suite was of the seagulls and the waves crashing against the rocks.  The French windows opened into the balcony and at high tides, the spray of the salty air on their faces seduced them enough to decide to make love on the balcony.  Assured of complete privacy and to the accompaniment of the music of the waves and the salty spray they gave themselves to each other like never before.  The lovemaking was sweetly languorous  and passionately fierce the first time around.  The second time it was tender and slow in its build up of the ****** which was always so deeply and spiritually satisfying.     
They spent most of the holiday on the balcony watching the ocean and reminiscing.  At night they took long walks along the shore.  The steps leading from the cliff to the shore were an adventure in themselves.  The constant onslaught of the salt on the steps had made them slippery and laughingly holding on to each other while making their way down to the beach was a pleasure in itself.  Ahh!  These moments of small pleasures is what life is all about.   

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Jan 22, 2013