An Empty Vessel

I wake up in the morning

Just to rush to work to see u

N u tell me u had a perfect night

With someone else


I try to sound so happy for u

Dying each moment from within

But u don’t c the obvious

N I don’t blame u


Tell myself not to look at u

Tell myself to get over u

N if it was so easy

I would be so happy


But without u around me now

N not talking to n abt u

I just feel like an empty vessel

N not so happy too


So being with u is a torture

Not being with u is disaster

N I feel like screaming aloud

Lord save my soul


But I still dream on

Of a life of u n me

Together we will be

So happy n so near


One look from u now

N I will be urs now

U don’t hv to do much

To mk u love u more

jozone jozone
Feb 15, 2010