Love is a wonderful thing - its the most amazing feeling in the world but it is somwhat of a contradiction....I sets you free - yet binds you, love heals the broken heart yet when its taken away it rips you open even more.  When you are with the one you love - you're fill of joy and the world is beautiful but when you are not you are totally devastated!!

Love is full of ups and downs, its a rollercoaster ride that takes you to the heights of heaven and down into the depths of hell itself....but love is love is love ..........I can't live without it

(lol!!! where did that come from??!!! sorry people EP tends to make me ramble!!lol!!) 

seeker1983 seeker1983
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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

Love DOES have its ups and downs, but sometimes we get so high we can't survive the fall.