I Think My Love To God Isnt Enough

i think isnt enough..coz i want to go to church-i know ppl say church is ''gods home''but i cant go.last time i went was with school and i sais sorry i dont come here,i cant...i know also isn enough coz sometimes i say 'why u let this happen?if u exist u shouldn..''but i knkow he exists and i shouldn be angry to god,its not his fault...


i love a god that loves us all..and i pray he forgives anythin bad i do or think..i want to learn bout him.i think jesus is light.thats why each time i learn bout him i feel happy..i love a god that sends his angels to me and everyone because he cares..i love a god that gives me strength to continue..

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church is important but the lord is a spirit and is every where .so you can pray read you bible anyplace

God says "call unto me and I will answer you I will show you unsearchable things that you don't know.... God allows a lot of circumstances(trials)in our lives it is also for the sake of us in order to learn more teachable,acceptable to be content in what we are or what we have to become a prayerful man or woman to gain more understanding to be patient to be humble and most of all to become dependent on HIM(GOD)... God allows those circumstances happened in our lives but also GOD is in control, it is measured and God has a purpose why HE allow it to happened and that purpose is for good... But blessed are those who take up their cross to follow JESUS who conquer the death to save us to cleanse our sins.... God blessed those who accept Him and invite Him to rest in their hearts and mind forever but God mock the ignorant.... It is written(bible)"Be joyful, always give thanks to the Lord your God in all circumstances for it is Gods will...

i remember..<br />

understand now.thanks

*reads again comment*<br />
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what it means ''This suffering was not inflicted on us by G*d; it is the consequence of what we -- as humankind -- do, collectively, and individually.''?

online church?i never heard bout that.. i ll see the site u wrote.<br />

A lot of churches offer services online.<br />
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My family is out of church right now but we do still go to lifechurch.tv <br />
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Maybe that is an option

yeah lena..

what it means?

i dont go to church coz there are many ppl and i cant be around many ppl...but it makes me feel bad when i go out church and i know should go in..