Ladies, when you go swimsuit shopping, do you purposefully seek out swimsuits/bikinis with no support up top to allow the girls to continue sagging when you're poolside or at the beach?
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I do. My husband don't want them supported at any time so if i have to wear a bathing suite you can see my breasts hang low.

Lovely! I wish more women would let their boobs hang and sway freely. May I get an add?

I don't seek out minimal support, but most suits just can't hold up great big ******* like mine!

That's great! So what you're saying is, you just end up with unsupportive suits anyway?

That is the deal for me.

Mmmm....nice!!! Let those beauties plunge!!! I'm sure it looks spectacular!!!

Cleavage forced downward by a low cut swimsuit looks incredibly sexy!!! May I get an add?

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whenever we acquire a new bikini for my wife, I spend some time altering the padding etc - making them as light weight as possible

...you are a kindred spirit !!!

...cheers !!