My Choices Of Low-rise Jeans

About 15 years ago I bought myself a pair of white jeans. They were one size up from my actual waist size so they had no problem riding down. Trouble was, being white they were the most impractical jeans for showing buttcrack - in the parks where there were plenty of benches for me to sit on to show my bum, the legs would drag through the dirt. Ironically I thought this was more embarrassing than my bum exposure!

I have learnt from my mistake and now have dark-coloured jeans. I have two pairs of dark grey jeans which ride down with a bit of coaxing, and a pair of dark blue jeans which were bought prior to going to a conference with some friends, which ride down unassisted even with a belt on!

Slightly off-topic, I also have two pairs of cargo trousers. One is a green pair which showed an inch of bum crack even when I tried them on in the changing room(!), and the other is a pair of black trousers which need coaxing to ride down.
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